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Camping Gear: The Essentials

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

As I stare out the window this morning, taking in the gloriousness of a sunny day, I can’t help but feel like spring is here, and it’s time to break out the camping gear. Apparently, Marc Phillippe Babineau had the same thought — last week, he published an article entitled “Essential Tools for Camping”.

In his article, Babineau lists and describes a number of tools you shouldn’t leave home without. Among them are:


Is Camping Gear Really Romantic?

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

I was perusing some online camping blogs today when one led me to an interesting pair of articles by Bill Sassani. He wrote two articles for Valentine’s Day, one highlighting outdoor gear gifts for men and one doing the same for women. Now, call me a traditionalist, but I didn’t exactly know camping and hiking gear was on the approved list of gifts to buy for Valentine’s Day. Apparently, they are.

Now, I’ll concede that there’s a good argument for men, but I don’t know if his gear gift-giving opinion on women will stand up. Listen to one of his opening lines:


Multi-Purpose Backpacking Gear

Monday, April 20th, 2009

“Multi-purpose backpacking gear is just what the word implies: gear that can be used for more than one thing,” opens V. Wayne Hughes in his recent article on multi-purpose camping gear. His premise is that some camping and hiking gear can be used in ways they were not intended to function. He makes the initial point that a backpacker is often willing to carry a slightly heavier item if it is multi-functional. He uses the pocket knife or multi-tool as an example.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from Hughes: (more…)

Pocket Knives are not for Self Defense

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

The movies love to shock audiences with incredible bar fights and unrealistic gang brawls.  In theater, these scenes show the gruesome nature of hand-to-hand combat.  Combatants pick up and use whatever they have handy to take down their enemy. Too often in street fights, we see small pocket knives and folding blades used as a primary weapon.  This has the potential to foster thoughts that pocket knives have the strength and safety needed to take down an assailant.  So, let’s be clear.  The primary use of pocket knives is that of a TOOL for use in one’s job, repair work, or hunting and fishing. It is not designed as an offensive weapon or for self-defense purposes.

From a straight legal perspective, the use of a folding knife in a self-defense scenario can constitute a major felony. Using a pocket knife is dangerous because these blades, though often very durable and well-built, are not meant to harm a person’s body.  Fighting with these blades could result in the knife actually turning and/or folding on you.


Multipurpose Pocket Tools | The Outdoorsmen’s Best Friend

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Multipurpose pocket tools, like those made by Coast or Swiss Army, have become, for many outdoorsmen, their essential piece of equipment for any outdoor adventure.  Campers, hunters, hikers and fishermen all find that having this multipurpose tool in with their gear gives them reassurance and confident that they can take care of a multitude of situations that may come their way.

The number one benefit of a multipurpose pocket knife is its versatility.  Not only can they assist with assembling a tent or shelter, it can also be helpful when it comes to opening cans in the camp kitchen, and removing splinters.  Some are also equipped with a small saw, suitable for sawing twigs and very small wooden objects, such as tent pegs.