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Hunting Law Change Promotes Tradition in Nebraska

Friday, March 21st, 2008

It is unfortunate that when many people look at the history of the United States, they generally ignore or downplay the importance that hunting has played in our cultural heritage. Hunting has been part of our society since man first landed in the U.S.  Countless artists have captured the hunting culture on canvases dating back to the 18th century. In a rare example of the honoring of this tradition, the state of Nebraska has extended the ability to become an apprentice hunter under the tutelage of an experienced hunter. This means that one can take part in hunting activities prior to completing an introductory hunter’s safety course, so long as there is a proper guardian accompanying them.

The purpose behind this new Families Afield bill, signed into law by Governor Dave Heineman this month, is to allow older family members to train younger members without violating any age restriction or training laws. The guiding concept behind this law change is that it will continue to preserve the heritage of hunting in Nebraska through the passing down of skills and traditions from family member to family member.