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Water-Tight Tips for Enjoying Spring Rains

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Enjoy the RainEarlier this week, we highlighted Coast’s new article concerning hiking safety in the mud-ridden spring season. Today, we’re extending the focus of dealing with the rainy season by highlighting another article, Hiking and Camping in Wet and Muddy Conditions, by Bill Sassani. The article offers a number of fabulous tips for dealing with the spring weather’s unfortunate side effects — water and mud.

First, Sassani encourages campers and hikers to plan ahead by doing simple things like looking at the weather forecast and packing appropriate clothing. In regard to planning ahead, the article also offers a few easy tips for weatherproofing your gear.


New Article: Mud Hiking!

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Mud HikingCoast published a new article this month called “Mud Season Hiking: How to Stay Safe” by Ben Nystrom. The article offers practical advice on hiking trails in late winter and early spring when mud isĀ prevalentĀ on trails, making them potentially hazardous to both hikers and the surrounding environment.

Nystrom opens by briefly explaining that mud season is simply melting snow and rain that saturate the ground, creating massive amounts of mud. As he continues, he makes a number of crucial observations about hiking trails during this particular season that will help keep you safe as well as content along the way.