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A Holiday Homecoming: Gifts for Your Returning Military Loved One

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

1-171st GSAB returns to U.S.Recently, President Obama announced that troops stationed in Iraq will be brought home in time for the holidays. Moreover, the 33,000 additional “surge” of troops sent to Afghanistan in 2009 will be coming home by September of 2012. Military families across the country rejoiced at this news. Just imagine: Rather than having quality time with Daddy or Mommy squeezed into the span of a short leave, these kids would have their parents home for good – or at least for a good, long while.

However, the transition from military deployment to civilian life can be extremely challenging, both for military personnel and for their family members. Spouses may feel mixed feelings – elation at the prospect of enjoying time with their loved ones, but sometimes also resentment at losing the freedom deployment can provide. As in any marriage, money problems, rumors of infidelity and unrealistic expectations add stress to military reunions. And children face their own challenges when it comes to welcoming home their veteran parents. For instance, kids might openly express anger that Mom or Dad had to leave in the first place.


Collecting Military Knives

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Knife collecting is a popular hobby that can take many forms.  Many people collect all one brand, such as Puma knives or Bowie knives. Other people collect style of knives such as single blade or locking blade knives.

Military knives can be an excellent collection piece. For the collector who loves to read and research, collecting military knives can be a very rewarding hobby. You may wish to begin by collecting any military knife that you find, but after researching, reading the history of various conflicts and the weapons that they carried, you may choose to specialize further.