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LEDs to replace Incandescents and CFLs, for good.

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Well, it’s finally time to say goodbye to your incandescent bulbs. At least, that’s what Leds America says. According to a recent press release, a new “breakthrough” technology to replace incandescent bulbs has been developed. They’re calling it the LCC-LED Cluster Chip — and it’s the driving force behind the company’s product: the Led-O bulb.

Compared to a standard 100-watt bulb, a 10-watt Led-O bulb will produce the same amount of light while saving 90% of the energy. The Led-O will save 50% compared to a CFL, not to mention it does so without emitting UV light or using mercury. Additionally, the new technology also allows the lights to be dimmable.


LEDs Replace Fluorescent Tubes

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

LEDs America, Inc. announced its “real alternative” to fluorescent lighting last month. The new Led-O™ LED tubes, which the company says are both energy-saving and safe, use 40 to 70-percent less energy and last six times as long as fluorescent bulbs. Dubbed ”eco-friendly”, the LED tubes do not contain mercury or emit infrared or ultraviolet radiation.

“Up until now, most LEDs only put out 800 to 1,200 Lumens. Led-O tubes give off 2,000 to 2,400 Lumens,” says Michael Conner of LEDs America, Inc. He added that even with the increased light output, the tubes remain cool to the touch.