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Long-Lasting LED Light Bulbs

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

So what is so special about LED light bulbs? There are a number of unique benefits to using products with LED light bulbs but the one that I think is most important to consumers is the shelf life. These bulbs will run for 50,000 consecutive hours. This is a critical point because things like flashlights, headlamps and emergency lanterns are typically used during intense situations like power outages and natural disasters or while in the outdoors where stores are hard to come by.  In any of these situations, having a light bulb die is not an option.  This is why bulbs that have a tremendous life expectancy have a tremendous appeal.

A more practical reason for purchasing light bulbs with such a long life expectancy is they are cost effective. These LED bulbs do not need to be replaced as frequently as traditional light bulbs. That saves money in the long-run.  It really is best to stick with products that utilize an LED bulb for both the safety, comfort and cost savings of not having to replace the bulb so frequently.