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Tactical Knives Magazine Gives COAST Rapid Response Knives a Review

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

COAST Products' Rapid Response 3.9-inch bladeIn the September 2012 issue of Tactical Knives magazine, Steven Dick reviews COAST’s Rapid Response Knives. Dick starts the review by giving a brief history of COAST (the same company that offers a multi-tool for every occasion, as well as the always-handy LED flashlight and LED headlamp) and states, “…it takes something special to impress me, but COAST has managed.”

In the article, Dick discusses the Blade Assist Technology (and Max-Lock blade locking system that knife maker Ron Lake integrated into our line of tactical knives. The reviewer has a bias toward larger every-day carry knives because of his larger hands, but he favored the Rapid Response 3.9-inch blade in his field tests. Incidentally, he found that even the knife with the 3-inch blade comfortably fit his hand. Elements of the 3.9-inch tactical knife that Dick appreciated include the texture of the checkered nylon on the handle; ambidextrous thumb studs; a reversible steel carry clip; and other features that both right- and left-handers will find helpful. In addition to tactical uses, the author suggests using the knife for cleaning fish, gardening, home improvement projects and self-defense.


Celebrate National Trail Day | June 2

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Firemen In 1987, U.S. President Ronald Reagan stated in the “President’s Commission on Americans Outdoors” report that he believed all Americans should have the ability to find a hiking trail within 15 minutes of their homes. This statement evolved into the Trails for All Americans initiative, which helped form the annual National Trails Day in 1993. National Trails Day 2012 is on Saturday, June 2.

National Trails Day Events


Hiking Voted Favorite Camping Activity and Outdoor Recreation

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Firemen The 2012 Reader’s Choice Winners are in, and hiking takes first place in the Favorite Camping Activity and Outdoor Recreation categories. Hiking is a great sport for individuals of all activity levels because of the different types of trails available. This activity can be as simple as walking on a flat path in a wildlife sanctuary to testing your balance on steep, rocky trails. With a bit of planning and the right equipment, you, too, can be ready to hit the trails in no time.

Reasons Why People Love to Hike


Winter Desert Camping

Friday, April 27th, 2012

Joshua Trees in WinterEager to beat the winter blues and get an early start on your camping season? Winter desert camping might be the choice for you. Both winter and desert camping differ from summer season, non-desert camping. The following is a look some of these main differences, as well as note some prime locations in the American West where you can try out desert winter camping. You’ll also find a suggested packing list for desert camping. (Hint: an LED flashlight or LED headlamp should be high on your list!)

What is Winter Desert Camping?


Product Spotlight: HL5 Headlamp Provides Great Power at an Affordable Price

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

HL5 headlampAn LED headlamp is a huge asset in any situation that requires light. Because they shine light exactly where you need it while leaving your hands free for working, headlamps are commonly used by hunters, mechanics, pest control technicians and other professionals or hobbyists who work with their hands.

As one LED headlamp reviewer at The Hunt & Shoot Network put it, “Field dressing a rabbit whilst holding a torch is not for the faint-hearted and usually results in a torch covered in blood and guts.”


Creating Future Campers: How to Teach Kids Camping Safety

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

preparing-campfireKids can learn a lot from a good camping trip. From applying basic navigational abilities to playing LED flashlight tag, there are a plethora of useful skills to be gleaned from a family camping expedition. An important one is how to remain safe when out in the wilderness. Below are suggestions for how to teach kids about camping safety.

Educating Youngsters on How to Pack for Camping


Home Repair 101: Why a Headlamp Belongs in Your Toolkit

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012
LED Headlamps

LED Headlamps

Phillip’s head screwdriver? Check. Hammer? Of course. Measurement tape? Certainly. But mention that someone should include an LED headlamp in a home maintenance toolkit, and you might receive a surprised look in reply.


Packing for a High Mountain Lake Fishing Trip

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

Crooked River Burning MountainNearly 350,000 fish. About 500 lakes. And just $33 for an annual resident angling license. The numbers don’t lie: This is going to be a great year for those who enjoy high mountain fishing. The state of Oregon stocked about 500 lakes in the Cascade Range with 345,000 fish last July, and many of those meals-on-fins are now large enough to keep. Of course, many anglers practice catch and release – it seems the chase (and the breathtaking scenery) is enough for them.

Still, there’s nothing quite like hiking into a remote area, fishing for a while, and then frying your catch over an open fire, having cleaned it with your ever-present folding knife. No wonder 25 percent of Oregon anglers prefer to fish in the state’s high-altitude lakes – there are fewer people around and no noisy jet skis or boats, making for a very relaxing, rewarding experience.