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Military-Grade LED Headlamps: What to Look For

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

COAST Products HL4 LED HeadlampTroops can’t afford a spare hand to carry an LED emergency flashlight. And what with nighttime maneuvers, the need for portable, consistently bright light becomes clear. America’s latest military engagements have been especially demanding of reliable light. As former Marine Geoffery Ingersoll explains, “In Afghanistan, even in Kabul, electricity is not a guarantee, and when it gets dark, it’s really dark. An LED headlamp will make sure you don’t go falling into a hole.” For all of these reasons, an LED headlamp is critical to mission success. If you’re in the market for a military-grade LED headlamp, read on to learn what features you should prioritize.

1. Lightweight. Troops must be mobile and light on their feet – but they also must carry everything for survival on their backs. So every opportunity to lighten up is greatly appreciated. A military-grade LED headlamp should therefore be lightweight – like our HL4 model, weighing in at a mere 4.4 ounces.


St. Patty’s Day Carry: Bring an Emergency LED Flashlight

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Pit Bull DogGreen stovepipe hat with buckle? Check. “Kiss me, I’m Irish” t-shirt? Check. These are the items most people pack for their St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. But if you really want to be prepared for anything this March 17, we recommend bringing along an emergency LED flashlight for the reasons listed below.

Pinch accurately. Everyone knows failing to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day will earn you a pinch. But in the darkened atmosphere of your local pub, it can be quite difficult to tell who is actually decked out in appropriately verdant shades. Carry an LED emergency flashlight to make sure every party pooper you pinch deserves it. LED flashlights produce a pure, sun-like light that will allow you to accurately carry out the duties of the “green police.”


Benefits of Rechargeable LED Flashlights

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

flash light

Our newest line of LED lighting – rechargeable flashlights – debuted at the 2012 AAPEX show and will soon be available to consumers! The A9R rechargeable penlight is ideal for inspections and includes a charging cap that plugs right into the wall. The A25R delivers about 420 lumens and boasts our Pure Beam focusing system, but the really innovative part of this LED emergency flashlight is its range of charging options. First, the A25R’s cap pops open to reveal a micro-USB port, which can connect to a wall socket, a USB charger or a DC power source (such as those found in automobiles). And that’s not all. The A25R can also be powered with AAA batteries or with a rechargeable lithium battery.


Hurricane Sandy: Lessons in Disaster Preparation

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Hurricane Sandy & Marblehead [Front Street 7]Hurricane Sandy’s path along the East Coast was one of incredible destruction. Although the storm was officially downgraded from hurricane to “superstorm” just before hitting the New Jersey shore, Sandy is predicted to have caused at least $20 billion in property damage. Ninety-four people lost their lives in the storm. As survivors piece their lives back together, the rest of us naturally wonder what we can learn from this horrific event. Hopefully, Sandy’s terror will spur all Americans to better prepare for emergencies.

Here are a few lessons the so-called “Frankenstorm” taught us:


COAST Emergency Area Lights (EAL) Put Focus on Disaster Prep Kit

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

Earthquake Survival KitIf there’s anything the recent flooding in Florida and devastating wildfires in the western U.S. have taught us, it’s that disaster can strike at any moment, without a smidgeon of warning. Indeed, across the globe, those who are in the path of floods, earthquakes or fires rarely get much of a head start. In Russia’s recent flooding, many families had virtually no warning of the coming floodwaters. In Colorado’s recent rash of wildfires, a telephone system intended to warn residents failed to function properly. And many Japanese in 2011’s devastating tsunami had just 15 minutes of warning.

When time is the only thing that stands between your family and an impending disaster, it’s extremely helpful to have a pre-packed disaster prep kit (sometimes called a BOB, or Bug Out Bag) ready to go. That way, even if you only have a five-minute head start, you can grab your bag and run, knowing your kit contains all the essentials you’ll need for two or three days away from home. (Typically, this is the maximum amount of time needed for government agencies and nonprofits to lend a hand to disaster victims.)


Features and Benefits of the COAST Emergency Area Lights (EAL)

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Model EAL5 Model EAL10  Model EAL15   Model EAL20

What type of emergency LED light do you keep on hand for when you find yourself in the dark? An LED emergency flashlight is always good to have at the ready, but in an extended emergency situation, a mere flashlight can be problematic when you’re trying to light up a room or perform a task. Fortunately, that’s where emergency area lights come in.