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Top 3 Things to Look for in an EDC (Everyday Carry) Knife

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013
DX 355

DX 355

In our grandparents’ days, a knife was considered a critical tool that should be carried on a regular basis. To this day, a knife comes in handy for a variety of daily tasks that require cutting. Today, it’s less likely you’ll need your knife to skin a carcass or clean a fish, as our past generations did. Still, the everyday carry (EDC) knife does seem to be making a resurgence of sorts.


COAST Product Super Bowl Match-Ups: Bowie Knife vs. Damascus Folder

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Hunting Knives: Damascus vs. BowieThis Coast Super Bowl matchup should be a good one! Going head to head will be two of our most popular knives: the Bowie Knife against the Damascus Folder. Bowie knives, of course, are well known in film and television. Damascus hunting knives, on the other hand, are known for their high-quality craftsmanship.

To be sure, both types of hunting knives are made from the finest stainless steel formulas. Gauging today’s winner will not be easy; both are superior knives, well known around the world for their utility and durability. In order to get some idea of each knife’s strengths, we will first look at the basic stats. After that, we can discuss some of the other perks each blade has to offer before deciding on our new champion. (more…)

Serrated Knives: When They’re Great and When They’re Not

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Serrated knives are well suited to tasks that involve tearing and sawing. Compared to a traditional knife blade, the zigzag edge of a serrated hunting knife provides more surface area for cutting. This means serrated knives often stay sharp longer than their smooth-edge counterparts. However, it is difficult to sharpen serrated knives in the wilderness; all but the most experienced knife owners must take their serrated camping knives to a professional for sharpening.

As you can see, serrated knives pose both advantages and disadvantages. These characteristics make serrated camping knives well suited to certain activities and difficult to use in others, as outlined below. (more…)

Coast’s Top 3 Stocking Stuffer Recommendations

Friday, December 9th, 2011

Stocking Stuffed With Flashlight, Multi Tool, and KnifeThe clock’s ticking down toward Christmas, and holiday shoppers everywhere will soon find themselves in crunch time as they scramble to complete their to-do lists. For those who are having trouble coming up with stocking stuffer ideas this year, our website is loaded with practical gift ideas, from flashlights to knives to multi-tools, that are the perfect size for slipping into a stocking.

Here are three great stocking stuffer ideas that will provide plenty of utility all year: (more…)

The Big Screen’s Most Bada** Knife Wielders

Tuesday, November 8th, 2011

rambo film knivesWhen it comes to action films, not much can beat a good knife fight. Close-quarters combat with knives creates fast-paced scenes that get the adrenaline going and maintain suspense. Throughout cinematic history, there have been a few knife-wielding stars who stood out above the rest, whether they preferred to brandish a particularly wicked hunting knife or were adept at handling multiple sporting knives.

The following is a look at five of the toughest characters wielding knives on screen: (more…)

Putting Your Camping Knives to Bed for Winter

Friday, November 4th, 2011

C244305 Damascus FolderAfter a long spring and summer filled with outdoor adventures and fun, the time has come for most of us to put our camping knives away for the winter. Most household knives are kept in loosely in a drawer, and this may be fine for your lesser quality steel; however, quality camping knives deserve better treatment.

Because a camping knife is made for rugged utility – not cutting up a tomato or buttering your toast – you’ll want to take a little more care when preparing your outdoor knives for winter storage.


Essential Tools for the Zombie Apocalypse

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

ZombiesYou’re heading out to your car one morning, intent on going to work, when suddenly your usually friendly neighbor tries to eat you. There’s no need to panic: Pull the tacky pink flamingo that’s in your yard out of the dirt and drive the spade end into your zombie-neighbor’s brain as hard as you can. This will give you a few moments to unlock your front door, because the first thing you need to do now is get inside and get your hands on some essential gear to help you survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

WEAPONS. Get yourself a weapon first: the baseball bat in the closet, a couple of knives from the kitchen, the fire poker sitting by the fireplace – all of these are better than a lawn ornament. A firearm is most desirable in this situation, as it requires the least amount of contact to terminate a zombie; however, if you don’t have one, grab your best knives and anything else that will slash, stab, dent or hack a zombie’s head off.


What NOT to Do With Your Camping Knife

Friday, October 14th, 2011

A Family PastimeIf you are an avid collector of knives, then you probably value the condition of your collection – even your utility camping knives. A quality camping knife, however, can quickly deteriorate if used improperly. The most important thing to remember about preserving the condition of your knives is to use them only for their intended purpose.

In order to keep your camping knives in top shape, here’s a look at what NOT to do with them: (more…)