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What’s In Your Kitchen Cutlery Set?

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

Back in the 1970′s when the Ginsu Knife set first appeared in television people laughed. At that time, the thought of owning 10 or more different kinds of knives seemed unnecessary. But it had been and became more understood during that time, that several knives are needed to serve a variety of cutting tasks in the kitchen.  We may take it for granted now but there are reasons for each of the knives in a cutlery set.

A good kitchen cutlery set should include the following: a butcher knife, a serrated knife, steak knives, a paring knife, boning knife and a pair of kitchen scissors. There are other knives that can be added to the mix but these are the primary knives needed for a proper cutlery set.


The Important Aspects of Choosing a Kitchen Cutlery Knife

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

If you were to walk down the aisle of a local retail store you will see a number of kitchen cutlery items on sale. Some of these cutlery sets may even be priced shockingly cheap. But, should price be a guiding factor in selecting a reliable cutlery set or individual kitchen knife?

While price should most definitely be a concern it should never come at the expense of quality. Now, there are a number of different “faces” of what constitutes quality but it can be broken down into two main components: the blade and the handle.