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LED Headlamp Comparison: COAST HL4 vs. HL7R

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

HL7R LED HeadlampFor those whose work involves peering into dark, tight spots, an LED headlamp is a crucial tool. Mechanics, home inspectors, firefighters and anyone else who needs hands-free light may be interested in the following comparison of two of our top LED headlamp models: the HL4 Dual Color LED headlamp and the HL7R Rechargeable Focusing Headlamp. Because we know it’s not always easy to wade through lengthy product descriptions, we’ve organized the basic facts about each LED headlamp in an easy-to-digest table. We’re hoping this will allow you to quickly compare them against your own needs. Alternatively, if you’re shopping for a loved one, this table can help you choose the best LED headlamp for a gift.