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5 Desert Hiking Tips

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Desert Horned LizardThe desert can be a beautiful, magical place. It can also be dangerous for hikers and backpackers, such as those hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. From the scorching heat of the day to freezing temperatures at night, hiking in the desert can be as difficult as it is rewarding. Here are five tips for safely hiking in the desert.

1. Watch the time of day.


Hiking: Desert Challenge

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Do you consider yourself an avid hiker? Perhaps even an apt and experienced one? Now, answer this: have you ever been hiking in the desert? Of course, if you have your choice of green forests, majestic mountains, or ocean shores, why would you? Deserts seem dismal and unwelcoming. But, I’d offer, hiking the desert climate is a true test of the adventurous hiker.

If the challenge sounds appealing, Karen Berger writes about tips and techniques you can use for hiking and backpacking in desert areas.