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Hunting Flashlights in Disguise

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

Intense hunters may find that typical stainless steel or aluminum cased flashlights simple stand out too much against the backdrop of the outdoors. If you are a hunter who creates hides and waits for your prey to enter your hunting area, the distraction of sun glare against a shiny object like a flashlight could ruin your chances of filling your tag that season. Some may think that any sort of colored flashlight casing is a cheap, imitation flashlight with no chance of withstanding the rugged needs of a hunter.  Not so with some professional grade flashlights available on the market.

It is so important for hunters to carry a light source with them when hunting, for emergencies as well as general use. If the aluminum or stainless steel cases cause you to worry, look into a camouflage style flashlight that will blend into your hunting gear as well as the scenery.  Brands like LED Lenser provide some of their most powerful LED flashlights and torches in different colors, including camo for just such a need.  These lights provide all the best that a professional military or law enforcement flashlight would but with the added camouflage feature for the outdoorsmen.