What Makes a Flashlight ‘Tactical’?

COAST Product's Tactial Flashlight

COAST Product's TX10 LED Flashlight

Tactical responses, tactical gear, tactical weapons, tactical advantages – such phrases make it simple for consumers to associate the word “tactical” with a quality that gives individuals an obvious advantage. Some manufacturers, however, use this word as a marketing ploy to make you believe that a product, such as a tactical flashlight, is of superior quality. But what makes a flashlight genuinely “tactical”?

What Defines a Tactical Flashlight?

In an interview for the Hanford Sentinel, COAST Product’s own Kevin Corcoran explains that a true tactical flashlight is one designed specifically for military or law enforcement use. Professionals use this type of flashlight in potential life-or-death situations, and some are created specifically to mount onto a weapon.

Usually costing more than $100, a tactical flashlight may include special brightness or color options for these touchy situations. For example, a red light can help reduce night blindness, while an exceptionally bright light can confuse or disorient a suspect. The quality of the light and the concentration of the beam are the factors that make a flashlight “tactical” – not the placement of the power switch.

Do You Need a Tactical Flashlight?

Having a high-tech, tactical product in your emergency kit or kitchen drawer can seem appealing, but it may be unnecessary. Professionals use tactical flashlights for specific purposes – for example, to zero in on a target, to perform an inspection or to illuminate an object from a distance.

When the power is out at your home, the best flashlight to use is one that illuminates the space in front of you and directly around you evenly – rather than one that creates a concentrated beam, like that of a tactical torch. The ideal flashlight for home use or your car’s safety kit is one that has a good battery life, long beam distance and gives you the ability to change the beam’s focus from a spotlight to a floodlight.

Although, if you’re a flashaholic, there’s no denying the allure of a tactical flashlight’s power and utility!

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