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Survival knives got a cheesy image a few years back thanks to their overblown presentation in the Rambo movies. These knives are not just novelty items or barbaric tools of destruction. Survival knives provide all the common uses of a hunting knife but they also have a hollow handle that provides a compartment for easy storage of various items you may need while in the great outdoors. A survival knife can store matches, bandages, twine and some other useful survival items and keep them all dry.  This creates an easy to carry survival kit all in the palm of your hand. Some survival knives include a simple compass in the end of the handle as well.

When looking for a survival knife, make sure that the novelty of a handle encasement doesn’t over shadow the quality of the blade. After all, it is first and foremost a hunting knife. The blade should be sturdy and made of rust-proof materials. Many survival knives have both a serrated portion toward the top of the handle for sawing as well as a regular sharp blade at its tip for cutting and skinning. Buy a brand known for its robustness and then check out the extra survival equipment it can carry.

Hunters or hikers that need to reduce the amount of equipment they pack during a hunt may find that a survival knife is the right route to go.

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Pictured: The Puma Hunter’s Pal II

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