Super Bowl LED

Are you ready for some football? Steelers, Cardinals, touchdowns, trophies, and…LEDs???

That’s right. According to Philips, Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium has been temporarily illuminated with state-of-the-art LED technology as part of a city-wide beautification effort for the Super Bowl championship game on February 1, 2009. Starting January 27 through game day, the stadium will be illuminated from dusk until dawn with Philips new LED floodlight, the ColorReach™ Powercore.

Approximately 70 Powercore LED fixtures were used in total, with just two required to evenly illuminate each 40 by 80 foot bay. Mounted on a concrete cross beam from within the stadium, the fixtures project light onto the underside of the stadium’s upper 30 rows. 
SuperBowl XLIII   SuperBowl XLIII
Photos: Stephen Kovich

Each LED fixture is individually programmable and can produce millions of colors and color-changing effects, which enables the stadium to display the colors of the opposing teams as well as providing dazzling lighting effects. 

In addition to generating dynamic effects, the Powercore LEDs support the National Football League’s recent efforts to make the Super Bowl event more “green.” The temporary lighting scheme requires minimal energy: just 290 watts per fixture. Even when operating at full intensity, the LED fixture consumes less than half the energy of a typical coffeemaker.

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