Sturgeon Season Extended!

Oregon and Washington extended the white sturgeon fishing season in the lower Columbia River, giving anglers a chance to catch the 4,100 fish still available under the season’s harvest limit.

Now, anglers will have two additional opportunities to legally fish white sturgeon on the Columbia. The first three-day retention period will take place Friday, July 10 through Sunday, July 12. The second period will take place Friday, July 17 through Sunday, July 19.

The area affected is a 40-mile section of the Columbia downstream from the Wauna power lines to Buoy 10, including Youngs Bay and all adjacent Washington tributaries.

The sturgeon must be 41-54 inches fork length (measuring from head to fork in tail) in order to be retained. The catch limit is one fish per day with no more than and five fish per year. Retention of green sturgeon is prohibited.

The extension was adopted because catch rates were lower than expected, leaving additional fish available for harvest. Officials from ODFW said they were happy to give fishermen in the lower Columbia a little more opportunity.

For more information, visit the Oregon and Washington departments of fish and wildlife.

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