Still Using A Propane Lantern?

I can remember going camping as a kid and my folks using a propane lantern.  Using one of these now-a-days is certainly nostalgic, but not very bright (pun intended).  I finally got a Coast LED lantern and I love it.  First of all, LEDs are a lot brighter than the older lanterns.  It seems to me that even the low setting on my dimmable lantern rivals the brightest setting on most propane lanterns. 

There is almost no heat with an LED lantern.  I remember needing to be very careful around the old propane lantern.  You could get a nasty burn if you rubbed against it. We also had to be careful not to run around near it or it could fall onto a tent or table, potentially catching fire. I also have fond though stressful memories of watching my Dad struggle to position the propane mantles and searching for the extra propane canisters when the lantern went out during the course of the night.  I found out that most propane lanterns last about five and half hours on the high setting and eleven hours on low.  With an LED light, you can get as much as seven days of light from one battery (or set of batteries).  Most of them will get twenty to 25 hours of continuous light on high.  I can never camp again without my LED lanterns – it’s got me hooked. 

My recommendation – these LED lanterns are definitely worth the investment for anyone who enjoys quick and easy camping or hunting.

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