Steelhead Season Postponed

Earlier this week, the Washington and Oregon Departments of Fish and Wildlife postponed the opening of steelhead and jack chinook season, said an ODFW press release. The original open date was scheduled for today.

“The decision was in response to a recent downgrade in the upriver spring chinook forecast by the US v. Oregon Technical Advisory Committee (TAC),” wrote ODFW. “On Monday, TAC downgraded its preseason estimate of nearly 300,000 to a range of 120,000 to 150,000 fish.”

Apparently, spring fisheries that have already taken place have exceeded the federal Endangered Species Act limits on upriver chinook, and the decision to delay the opening of steelhead season will prevent the incidental catch of chinook that would occur in this fishery. 

ODFW reports that the steelhead season will open no later than June 16.

The recreational shad fishing season, however, remains unaffected and will open today from Buoy 10 at the mouth of the Columbia to Bonneville Dam, as there is a low probability of incidentally catching any chinook.

In leiu of the fishing season being postponed, take advantage of the extra time to acquire any essential fishing equipment you may need.

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