Spring Fishing in Oregon

Rainbow TroutSpring fishing season is well underway in Oregon, and whether you’re a novice angler or a seasoned professional, you still need to arm yourself with information before heading out to your favorite lake or river. Following is some basic info about the Oregon spring fishing season.

Dates: Certain Oregon bodies of water opened for trout fishing on April 23, while others will remain closed until May 28 in order to protect young salmon and steelhead still migrating to the ocean. Follow one of the links below to find the season’s exact dates.

What you’ll need: Besides the usual rod and reel, you’ll want to make sure you bring your tackle, lures, a map, food, water, a first aid kit, a folding knife, a skinning knife, an LED headlamp or flashlight, a blanket and a change of clothes.

ODFW resources: The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has an extensive collection of spring fishing guides for anyone who needs to brush up on rules, regulations or any other fishing information before heading out on a trip.

  • Recreation report. This weekly update brings you all the latest information about fishing conditions on Oregon’s hundreds of different bodies of water.
  • Trout fishing. This publication offers how-to tips for catching trout, including the most effective fishing techniques to employ and the types of fishing gear you should bring.
  • Steelhead fishing. Similar to the trout fishing guide, this publication offers everything you’ll need to know about landing the best steelhead. It also includes instructions on cleaning and cooking steelhead.
  • Bass fishing. This publication gives you all the info you need to fish for bass, including license requirements, where and when to fish, and the best fishing equipment to bring with you.
  • Surfperch fishing. Surf fishing is considered one of Oregon’s most underutilized fisheries. This publication offers license requirements and fishing advice for catching the popular surfperch.

Easy angling. Perfect for families or first time anglers, this publication showcases more than 24 different fishing spots in Oregon that are easy to get to and don’t require a boat or special gear.

[Photo by: Matt MacGillivray]

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