Spring Chinook Run Looms Ahead

Chinook salmonBill Monroe, a columnist on “all things outdoors” for The Oregonian, published an article today answering questions from his readers about the upcoming spring Chinook salmon run. See what he had to say and what anglers should be getting ready for.

First, he encouraged anglers not to be discouraged with the recent week’s lack-luster performance. “C’mon … it’s the first week of March!” he writes, “There’s a reason it’s called a ‘spring’ instead of ‘winter’ Chinook run.”

Next, Monroe tackles several questions from his readers. If you’re wondering the answers to some of the following questions yourself, check out Monroe’s article. For instance,

  • When anchor fishing, how long a dropper line would you recommend?
  • Is there a preferred depth, or the same areas as for the fall fish?
  • If anchored, do you prefer spoons, spinners, or plugs?
  • If trolling, how much depth or pulls of line? Or do you bounce along the bottom?
  • Do you recommend plug cut or whole herring? What size?
  • Where would recommend fishing in order to avoid the crowds of anglers?

And if Monroe’s got the answers, which he does, Coast has got the fishing equipment you’ll need to fish a successful Chinook run this spring season. From quality fishing knives to professional-grade LED lights, we’ve got a healthy supply of reliable fishing tools perfect for your arsenal.

[photo: Red Barnes]

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