Solar-Powered Camping Tent

Apparently, Orange is the new “Green” — sort of. Orange, a subsidiary of the French Telecom Group, and American partner Kaleidoscope, are currently developing The Orange Solar Concept Tent, a solar-powered tent (left) that would allow campers to utilize electronic equipment in the Great Outdoors. Slightly counter-intuitive and somewhat defeating the purpose of camping, the concept is undeniably intriguing and “cool,” if you will.

The tent is based off two previous models, the Orange Solar Tent trialed at Glastonbury in 2003 and 2004’s Orange Text Me Home Dome.

While the tent is still merely a concept, research shows that by weaving specially coated solar threads into conventional fabric to harness the sun’s energy could revolutionize solar technology.

The tent’s solar shell hopes to use this technology to the full by positioning three directional glides to be moved throughout the day to maximize solar efficiency and capture the optimum amount of energy.

The tent hopes to include a number of other interesting features, one of which is called “glo-cation.” Basically, tent owners could electronically trigger their tent to glow a distinctive color allowing them to find it amidst a sea of others or from a distance at night.

For more information, read the press release in Orange newsroom.

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