Snowed In with COAST LED Lights

img_6300At first, being snowed in is a novelty. It’s fun to be cozy indoors, watching the snow pile up outside. After a while, though, families may become bored and a bit stir-crazy. Creativity is the answer! Put your thinking caps on and brainstorm some indoor activities that will keep the whole family engaged until the snow stops. To get you started, we’ve listed a few of our favorite things to do when snowed in—as you’d probably be quick to guess, most of them include the use of LED lights.

Shadow Plays. Why not put on a shadow play for the family? Since ancient times, shadow plays have been delighting audiences around the world. Make your own shadow puppets using card stock, paper fasteners, and wooden rods. Cut out the different body parts for your puppet, and attach them at the joints using paper fasteners. Then tape the rods onto the back of the puppet at the points of articulation—where you want the puppet to move. You can recreate your children’s favorite stories as puppet plays. You’ll need a large piece of fabric to act as your scrim, as well as LED lights bright enough to create a strong contrast.

Scary Stories. All you need for this activity is a flashlight and some spooky tales. If you don’t have a fireplace, create a campfire feel by putting an LED emergency lantern in the middle of your storytelling circle. To keep things light, don’t forget the snacks and snuggles—the key ingredients in soothing a spooked out child.

Hand Shadow Puppets Workshop. Ask any eight year old: it’s cool to know how to make hand puppets. With a few animals and faces in stock, your son or daughter can be the star of summer camp. Use your “socked in” time to learn amazing new hand puppet shapes, such as an elephant, a goat, and a deer. You can also use your hands to make various faces. Again, you’ll need LED lights and a wall for projecting shadows onto.

With a healthy dose of imagination and a flashlight or two, you can transform snowed in boredom into quality family time.

[photo by: Mulad on Flickr via CC License]

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