Should You Purchase a Used LED Flashlight?

Thanks to the great expansion of the internet the ability to purchase used items has become easier than ever before. But, does ease-of-purchase automatically translate into proper purchase? That is to say, do you really want to purchase your LED flashlights used? After all, a flashlight is useless if it is not reliable and when you purchase a flashlight off an online auction you really have no idea if you are getting damaged good or not. And what if the product is damaged? Will returns be easily processed and will you have access to warranties? Probably not!

For items where reliability is key, it is recommended that you steer clear of used items.  Instead, select a flashlight from a brand you can trust from a reliable seller. Buying used is good for certain items but when it comes to tactical flashlights such a purchasing decision may best be avoided. Remember, you want to make sure the flashlight is free of problems and purchasing a brand new one would circumvent problems associated with used items.
Pictured: The LL7847 LED Lenser Digitac II

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