Save Money With a Multi-Tool

coast pocket tool box
The country may be slowly inching its way out of a recession, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t still looking for savings. What better way to save money than to buy an all-in-one multi-tool? Unlike single-use tools, multi-tools are cheaper, more portable and often easier to use. Here are three of our favorites:

1. Coast Pocket Tool Box
This small, versatile tool does the work of a number of common single-use tools. The stainless steel, 3.75-inch design holds four wrenches, a bottle opener, knife, file blade, nail pick, ruler, saw blade, and large and small Phillips screwdrivers. This is the perfect multi-tool to have on hand in any situation.

2. Coast LED Pocket Pliers
If pliers are more up your alley, this multi-tool is for you. The spring-loaded pliers are complemented by the in-handle LED light, knife blade, wire cutter, saw blade, scissors and multiple screwdrivers. This little baby is also made of stainless steel and measures a mere four inches long.

3. 13-Function Medium Multi-Tool with Bit Set
This multi-tool has it all. The four-inch, stainless steel tool boasts the usual – a screwdriver, regular and serrated knife blades, scissors, and pliers – but it also comes with six Allen wrench bits, three Phillips screwdriver bits and three slotted screwdriver bits. Perfect for the construction enthusiast, this multi-tool will convert even the most adamant single-use tool user.

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