Retail Show Cases Prove LEDs Save Money

Royalty Jewelry, Tel Aviv, Israel - Photo courtesy of Philips LumiLEDs

Royalty Jewelry, Tel Aviv, Israel – Photo courtesy of Philips LumiLEDs

Scientists have proven it and the statistics are out there – using LED lights can reduce your power consumption by such-and-such a percentage, save you such-and-such amount of money, and last for so-and-so years. But when was the last time you actually heard a real-life example of LED efficiency? Well, read on.

Royalty Jewelry, an upscale jewelry store in Tel Aviv, Israel, installed new solid-state in- and under-cabinet LED fixtures in their display cases, and the changes have been noticeable and well-received. The LED bulbs are 1/10 the height of the bulbs the store was previously using in its cases, giving the product a much more open appearance. The LEDs also provide better quality light and reduce the amount of wood trim needed to cover the lighting fixtures.

The amazing part of this seemingly small store change was in the amount of energy using LED lights saved the company. The store reported an astounding 85% lower power consumption, saving the company about $1,300 per month in electricity. That is over $15,000 per year.

There were other noticeable bonuses to switching to LED bulbs, Royalty Jewelry said. The high heat output from traditional bulbs would often scorch the display case wood and make the jewelry too hot to touch. With LEDs, however, the wood stays safe and the jewelry is ready to be picked up and examined by customers.

Royalty Jewelry used LUXEON Rebel LED bulbs, a powerful LED manufactured by Philips Lumileds Lighting Company. Visit the Philips website for more information on these bulbs.

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