Remedies for the Rainy Weekend Blues

Well, Labor Day weekend is finally here in typical Northwest form — wet and raining. It’s Saturday morning, and I’m sitting at my computer when I should be enjoying the Oregon coast. Unfortunately, the impending weather forecast scared me into staying home. As a result, I’m potentially missing my last opportunity to enjoy summer camping before fall hits in full force. Still, I don’t want to let this bad weather ruin my whole weekend, so I’ve brainstormed a few remedies to help cure my Rainy Weekend Blues.

1) I fully plan on pitching my tent inside this weekend. I figure, once I’m inside my tent I won’t know the difference anyway, except for the fact that I’ll be falling asleep to the sound of cars instead of crickets.

2) The weekend menu is staying the same. One of the things I love about camping is the food. So I’ll be enjoying pancakes, sandwiches, and s’mores all weekend long. No fire pit? No problem. The range/oven works just as well.

3) I’m devoting some time to finish a book or two. In addition to adventuring, I also read when I camp. Why ditch the books because I’m not outside?

4) I’ll try not to use our house lights and just let sunlight be enough. I can also supplement with an LED lantern or flashlight when it gets too dark inside.

5) Take a walk in the rain. For me, the big draw to camping is simply getting out of the house. While it’s difficult to do this for extended periods of time when it’s pouring outside, I’ll toss on a rain jacket and boots for a short trip around the neighborhood.

That’s all I’ve got so far, any other suggestions? And kudos if you’re out in this weather for the weekend — you’re a better Pacific Northwester than I am.

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