Elk Creek Fire Department Puts Rapid Response Knives through the Paces

Firemen When you work in the field of emergency services, tactical knives are an essential part of your gear. This spring, the Elk Creek Fire Department got a chance to put our Rapid Response knives to the test. COAST knives are widely known as quality bladed tools that are used by outdoor enthusiasts and professionals (like those in the U.S. Army, FBI, CIA and Navy Seals) alike. Knife maker Ron Lake, who has a deep admiration for First Responders, designed the Rapid Response knives we carry.

About Rapid Response Knives

Lake created the Rapid Response knives to be simple to use, safe, durable and affordable. The blade is made from high-carbon 420 stainless steel and is available in 3- and 3.9-inch lengths. Additional features of these COAST knives include:

  • Standard blade edge with a non-reflective glass-bead finish or a partially serrated blade with a black oxide coating.
  • Fiberglass-filled nylon handle.
  • 4.875-inch handle for the 3.9-inch blade (recommended for individuals with large hands).
  • 4-inch handle for the 3-inch blade.
  • Blade Assist Technology with a spring-assisted roller-cam opening system. (The knife can open as quickly as a switch blade.)

The Results of the Rapid Response Knife Tests

  • The blade stayed sharp even after heavy use.
  • It is simple to open the knife with one hand and in zero-visibility conditions, even while wearing thick, structural firefighting gloves.
  • The sharp tip on the edge of the blade makes these tactical knives unsafe to use if you need to cut a patient’s clothes; a blunt tip would be better.
  • The serrated edge worked well for cutting away seat belts.
  • The Rapid Response knives would be perfect if they had a glass punch on the butt of the handle to make the bladed tool more versatile.

After the Elk Creek Fire Department tested the Rapid Response knives, the users all agreed that the tactical knives are dependable and of high quality. We’re pleased to say, the First Responders highly recommend these COAST knives.

[ Photo by: arriba, via CC License ]

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