Knife World Reviews the COAST Products Rapid Response Knives

Rapid Response KnivesOur new Rapid Response knives are making their way around the globe and getting tons of positive feedback – most recently in a feature article in Knife World magazine.

These simple yet elegant folding knives, designed by custom knife maker Ron Lake, are notable primarily for their Blad Assist technology, a system “that’s unlike anything ever made before.” The roller-bearing design reduces friction and allows the knife to spring open smoothly and cleanly with just the nudge of a thumb.

“Combine that with patented, ease-of-use and safety features – and an amazingly affordable price – and this knife sets standards that won’t be met anytime soon,” the article says.

Knife World also noted the Max-Lock feature on these innovative hunting knives, which secures the blade when it’s closed and double-locks it when it’s open, achieving “a new level of safety” in folding knives. The Rapid Response knives also feature an open-frame design, which makes them easy to clean – an ideal feature for hunting knives, which can easily accumulate gore.

Our president at COAST, David Brands, has called the Rapid Response knives “unquestionably the best we’ve ever produced” and “quite possibly the best on the market today.” We’re glad we’re not the only ones who think so!

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