Holiday Gift Spotlight: Rapid Response Knives

Rapid Response KnifeThe holidays are approaching at a dizzying speed! To help our readers find the best gifts for their family and friends, we’re featuring posts on different COAST products. Today, we review the advantages of our Rapid Response knives, along with the top reasons why a Rapid Response knife makes a great gift.

Benefits and Advantages of a Rapid Response Knife

  • Max-Lock Blade System double-locks the blade in place, allowing confident, safe use.
  • Ergonomic design makes for an excellent grip. You could see this as a comfort feature, but we also consider it a safety element, since a strong grip makes it easier to make safe cuts – especially when your hands are slippery with viscera and blood. Each Rapid Response Knife has a checkered nylon handle, allowing an exceptional grip in all conditions.
  • Ambidextrous features, such as thumb studs on both sides of the knife, make it easy for left-handed and right-handed users to use a Rapid Response knife. The steel clip at the base of each knife may be switched to the other side, as well; left-handed users appreciate this thoughtful attention to design.
  • Incredibly strong blade. Each Rapid Response knife blade is heat treated, tempered and then cryogenically frozen. This process makes for an extremely strong and sharp yet flexible blade.

We could go on all day about the advantages of these knives – for instance, the fact that their blades are composed of 5Cr15Mov stainless steel is another indication of strength. Yet those who are shopping for a loved one may be more interested in these following reasons why a Rapid Response knife makes an excellent holiday gift:

1. You can use it year-round. A good knife is a thing of beauty forever. We know they say that about diamonds, too, but those who hunt can tell you a knife is far more useful than some sparkly rock. You’ll be tickled pink to see your loved one using the Rapid Response knife throughout the year.

2. It helps keep your loved one safe. Ask any chef – a dull knife is downright dangerous. A brand-new, sharp Rapid Response knife will help your loved one make precise, strong cuts in a safe way. The Max-Lock system mentioned above is another great safety feature that protects the user.

3. It’s easy to open with one hand. Thanks to our innovative Blade Assist Technology, a Rapid Response knife opens instantly with “total reliability,” as one Tactical Knives magazine reviewer put it. This is useful both for self-defense and for cleaning game.

4. The “father of the modern day folding knife” designed each Rapid Response knife. You know your loved one is the best – so why not get them the best working knife available today? Rapid Response knives can claim that moniker since they were designed by Ron Lake, a nationally recognized knife designer whose blades have ended up in museums such as the Smithsonian. Ron has literally written the book on knives – his title How to Make Folding Knives was published in 1988. He has even been inducted into Blade magazine’s Cutlery Hall of Fame. You can trust the quality of Rapid Response knives, knowing that Ron Lake designed them. What’s more, each one comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

5. The price is right for a blade that will see a lifetime of use. Rapid Response knives are reasonably priced, especially considering your loved one may never need to buy another folding knife! Ron Lake has included cutting-edge technology to keep each Rapid Response knife working perfectly for decades to come.

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