Product Spotlight: HP7R Rechargeable Flashlight for Law Enforcement Professionals


COAST HP7R Rechargeable Flashlight

A good LED flashlight is an investment in your safety when you work as a law enforcement professional. When it is your primary source of illumination in dark settings, it’s vital that your flashlight be dependable, durable and lasting. The HP7R rechargeable flashlight from Coast is just that and more, making it your go-to flashlight for everything from traffic stops to contraband searches.

Specs and Benefits of the HP7R Rechargeable Flashlight

  • Weight: 7.2 ounces (204 grams); Get the same (if not better) lighting power of the bulky, long D-cell flashlights, but at a fraction of the size and weight.
  • Length: 5.58 inches (14.2 centimeters); The LED flashlight has an ergonomic design and fits perfectly in your hand. It even works well for smaller hands.
  • Diameter: 1.18 inches (3.0 centimeters); The HP7R fits well in a tactical belt and comes with a speed clip—this isn’t the flashlight that you leave in a patrol car as a backup because it’s too big and heavy.
  • Bezel: 1.47 inches (1.74 centimeters); The Speed Focus Control and the Long Range Focusing Optic System allows you to use the flashlight to light up a dark room and then quickly illuminate an object in the distance with just a push or pull of the bezel with your thumb and forefinger. Then twist the bezel to lock the flashlight in its current position.
  • Lumens: 201-lumen light output; Kill the dark or make your way through the smoke created by tactical tools like flash-bangs. During a nighttime traffic stop, the flashlight gives you added safety and illuminates a stopped vehicle so it’s simpler to detect contraband. The light intensity eliminates the need to use your cruiser’s spotlight.
  • Beam distance: 1,003 feet (306 meters); While on a service call at night, you can easily see the far reaches of a traditional fenced backyard, as well as clear the visible portion of the yard from a single position.
  • Long-range focusing optic beam: Go from a spotlight to a flood beam in a matter of seconds using the slide focus system. You’ll appreciate that the light doesn’t have the dark rings, or “bull’s eye,” typically found with other focusing flashlights.
  • Battery types: The flashlight comes with two rechargeable lithium ion batteries and four AAA batteries that fit into a battery pack.
  • Battery runtime: 7 hours and 45 minutes on a single battery at 201 lumens; 38 hours and 15 minutes at 22 lumens using a lithium ion battery.
  • Rechargeable: A rechargeable flashlight is a must-have when working at night. Using the Pro-Tec charging port, you can recharge the LED flashlight by plugging it into the wall (DC power), the charging port or cigarette lighter in a car (AC power) or into a USB power source, like a laptop. Furthermore, you can recharge the lithium ion battery while it’s outside of the flashlight so you can always have a charged backup ready to go.
  • Casing: Aluminum that’s lightweight and durable
  • Impact resistant: Along with an aluminum casing, the HP7R has a heavy-duty sheath and an unbreakable LED light.
  • Water resistance: The flashlight has a rubberized O-ring for those times when you or it end up in the water.
  • Lighting modes: High, low and strobe; The strobe function is disorienting, causing others to immediately shield their eyes or look away, which buys a law enforcement professional a few precious extra moments.
  • Always within reach: Use the wall mount, speed clip (swiveling clip for belt use) or a heavy duty nylon sheath to store the flashlight or keep it in place as you charge it.

In the law enforcement industry, professionals take their LED flashlights seriously because their use on the field saves lives. When you purchase the HP7R rechargeable flashlight, you never have to worry about its quality because Coast backs it with a lifetime warranty against defects in workmanship and the materials.

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