Product Review | Puma Drop Point Rattler

Puma has long established itself in the market as a quality name brand that delivers a top of the line, reliable product. Puma knives are considered some of the best crafted, most long-lasting hunting and sporting knives available.  I was able to take a look at a Puma Drop Point Rattler this week and see just what Puma craftsmanship means.

The Rattler is a 5.5” long sporting knife with a stainless steel blade and full tang (the tang is the part of the knife that holds the handle).  With a full tang, you get the sturdiness and strength of a full piece of metal running through the length of the blade. The blade is bead blasted or given a “military finish” to prevent glare against the sun while hunting.  This knife looks like its ready to work; the knife blade is incredibly sturdy and easy to carry. 

These knives are a great fixed blade option for those that like to carry a pocket knife regularly but may want a change from the folding variety. Their small size makes them easy to slip on a belt or in a pocket (with sheath of course).  These knives are also good for younger hunters who may have smaller hands but still need a very strong, sharp knife.  Still I have read reviews from seasoned hunters who like this knife for big game and small fowl skinning. Really this knife can suit a variety of hunter’s needs depending on what you are looking for. 

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