Product Review on the PX50 Flashlight

COAST's PX50 LED Flashlight Quick, what’s bright yellow and waterproof to 196 feet? No, it’s not a deep-diving duck, but rather our PX50 LED flashlight. Among diving enthusiasts, the PX50 is the king of underwater flashlights. Just ask Jerry Hall, world record holder for longest freshwater dive. This last August, Jerry spent over 145 hours submerged in a freshwater dive. While below the surface, he relied on HBO’s Band of Brothers to keep him entertained via an underwater TV. And for light, Jerry depended upon the PX50, our incredible waterproof flashlight designed especially for diving.

We designed the PX50 to thrive in nearly any environment. Even 196 feet underwater—that’s about the length of a nineteen-story building—the PX50 LED flashlight will work. Its bright yellow casing makes it easy to see in dim submerged conditions. And the included nylon lanyard will keep the PX50 close at hand.

Here are a few more specs for the PX50, according to the ANSI FL1 flashlight ratings:
–131 lumen light output
–9 hour, 15-minute run time
–639-foot beam distance (when above water)
–Impact resistant
We created an easy-to-activate, one-handed on-off switch for the PX50. Finally, its advanced bulls-eye spot fixed beam optic system, with an intense circle of light surrounded by a more scattered light halo, works great underwater.

At 8.4 ounces in weight, including the 4 AA batteries (which come included with torch), and 6.5 inches in length this versatile, powerful LED flashlight will fit nearly anywhere—in your RV, in your fishing pack, and definitely in your boat.

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