Product Overview: USB Battery Packs for Rechargeable LED Flashlights

Our newest rechargeable LED flashlights are rife with charging options. The A25R, A22R, HP7R, and HP5R may be charged via a standard wall socket, through your car’s DC power, or via the USB connection in your computer. But that’s not all. We’ve also designed these rechargeable torches to be compatible with traditional alkaline batteries as well as the lithium rechargeable cartridges that come with each light.   Today we’re highlighting the accessory product that makes your rechargeable flashlight even more versatile, our USB battery pack. Not only does each COAST rechargeable flashlight come standard with two of these USB battery packs, but this product is perfect for those who require many hours of reliable light.

Technicians, contractors, and mechanics will love how the USB battery pack extends operation times. For instance, let’s say you’re the proud owner of an A22R rechargeable flashlight. You love the 370-foot beam distance, and the 241-lumen output. But the 3 hour 30 minute run time isn’t long enough to power through your whole work day. Here’s where the battery pack comes in handy. Just charge your A22R each night, and pack a fully charged battery pack in your work bag. That way, when the first 3 hour 30 minute period elapses, you can switch to the charged lithium battery and keep on working. Indeed, along with the two that come with our rechargeable torches, you could even purchase multiple battery packs, and keep switching out spent batteries as needed.

Benefits of the New COAST Rechargeable Battery Pack

  • Recharge from a laptop.  Even if you’re nowhere near an electrical outlet, you can enjoy bright light, thanks to the USB connection on our rechargeable batteries.
  • Extend run time. With the right combo of power sources and battery packs, your rechargeable torch’s run time can be stretched to new lengths.
  • Lithium is less likely to leak or explode. Compared to alkaline batteries, lithium batteries are unlikely to leak or explode. So using a lithium battery pack will result in less caustic acid leaking into your workplace or home.

If you’re one of the many consumers looking for small, doable steps to help the earth, why not go rechargeable? By choosing rechargeable products, such as our line of rechargeable LED flashlights and battery packs, you can do your part to contribute to a greener planet, one with fewer spent, leaking batteries.

Rechargeable Battey Pack A25R, HP7RRechargeable Battey Pack A22R, HP5R

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