Product Comparison: LED Pro Pocket Pliers vs. LED Pocket Tool

LED155 Pro Pocket Pliers vs. LED122 Pocket Tool

Each month, we offer a side-by-side comparison of two of our products in a format that’s simple to read. This month, we’re comparing the LED155 and LED122 multi-tools. Both multi-tools offer a generous blade and LED lights. The LED155 Pro Pocket Pliers has a spring-loaded pliers head that’s perfect for DIY enthusiasts, while the LED122 LED Pocket Tool is a fold-out knife with the basics. These multi-tools vary by weight, overall length and accessories, as outlined below.



Blade Length

3.0 inches

3.0 inches and 7.6 centimeters

Overall Length when Open

4.0 inches

7.12 inches


9.8 ounces

4.6 ounces

Blade Material

3CR13 stainless steel

3CR13 stainless steel

Handle Material

Stainless steel with Sure-grip handle inlays

Stainless steel

Locking System

Liner lock

Liner lock

Blade Opening System

Blade-Assist Technology

Easy open blade; pull out with grip cutout in blade

Pocket Clip



Built in LEDs

Yes; works on both ends of tool

Yes; works on both ends of tool

Screwdriver Bits

Yes; fold-in Philips and flat head tips, as well as a cap lifter, can opener and wire stripper

Yes; double-ended Philips and flat head tips in tool’s handle

Serrated Edge



Lifetime Warranty



The LED155 is a complete multi-tool that features a strong blade and optimal LED task lighting. Use it when working on projects around the house or when you go camping. The LED122 offers the versatility of both a straight and serrated edge in one blade as well as popular screwdriver tips, making it the perfect go-to emergency multi-tool.

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