Product Comparison: LED G30 v. LED G25


Sometimes you just need a dependable, handy light source. From examining a hornet’s nest above the garage, to directing your family to safety in an emergency, there are thousands of potential uses for an LED Flashlight. G30 and G25—these are the model numbers of two of our most popular LED torches. Below, we compare and contrast the two models, to give you an idea of which one might be better for your needs.

G25 LED Flashlight

G30 LED Flashlight

Light Output 83 lumens 121 lumens
Beam Distance 34 meters / 134 feet 146 meters / 478 feet
Runtime 9.75 hours 2 hours
Weight 3.6 ounces, including batteries 5.6 ounces
Length 6.05 inches 6.46 inches
Diameter Body: 0.73 inches
Bezel: 0.985 inches
Body: 0.86 inches
Bezel: 1.46 inches
Batteries Two AA batteries (included) Two AA batteries (included)
Casing Material Lightweight Aluminum Lightweight Aluminum
Impact & Water Resistant? Yes Yes
Beam Optics Max beam optic creates diffused beam with central hot spot Pure Beam Focusing optic allows smooth shifting from floodlight to spotlight
Number of LED bulbs 3 1
Backed by Coast’s Lifetime Guarantee Yes; guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. Yes; guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.


Right of the top, we can see a big difference in the beam distance for each LED flashlight. G30 blasts more than 300 feet farther than G25 can. On the other hand, the G30 weighs roughly twice as much as the G25. All that heft does deliver more flexible performance, though; the G30 has an easy-twist bezel to dial between a floodlight and a highly focused spotlight, while the G25 offers only one single beam option, a spotlight with a focused central circle of light.

Both flashlights share some qualities, however. They both require two AA batteries. They’re both boast lightweight aluminum casings, and both models are impact- and water-resistant. Finally, COAST Products’ lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship covers both G30 and the G25 LED flashlights.

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