Product Comparison: EAL20 LED Lantern vs. EAL5 LED Lantern

COAST EAL20 LED Lantern vs. EAL5 LED Lantern

If you’ve never been camping with an LED lantern before, we recommend trying it! An LED lantern transforms your campsite into a cozy, friendly place. Board games around the picnic table are just awkward with flashlights; add an LED lantern, however, and you have a perfect playing field. Really, any time spent in camp after dark will be better with an LED lantern around.

An LED lantern is also a handy thing to carry in your car. Both of the lanterns we’re highlighting today feature flashing red modes, perfect for catching the attention of would-be rescuers.

We’ve chosen two very different models to compare and contrast in the table below. The EAL5 Emergency Stretch Light looks like a flashlight at first glance, but pull the two ends apart and you’ll find a built-in LED lantern. If your little scout is headed to his or her first troop campout, we recommend sending them off with an EAL5 in their pack.

In contrast, the EAL20 LED lantern is a full-size lantern built to provide impressive brightness and energy efficiency. As you’ll see in the following table, the EAL20 has thoughtful design features that lift it above the average LED lantern.

EAL5 LED Lantern

EAL20 LED Lantern

Light Output 15 lumens 375 lumens
Runtime 40 hours 80 hours
Batteries 4 AAA batteries (not included) 4 D batteries (not included)
Length/Height 4.5 inches when closed;
5.375 inches when open
8.25 inches
Weight 4.6 ounces 32 ounces
Flashlight Mode Yes; close it to use it as a flashlight No; may only be used as a lantern
Emergency Mode Flashing red light setting Flashing red light setting
Area Light Mode Yes; open setting provides area light Yes; solid white setting provides area light
Energy-Saving Mode No Yes
Solid Red Light Setting Yes Yes
Dimming Switch No Yes
# of LEDs 4 white LEDs; 2 red LEDs 1 white LED; 8 red LEDs
Handyman Club of America Recommendation No Yes; tested and recommended by Handyman Club Members
Battery Life Indicator No Yes


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