Product Comparison: A9 LED Penlight vs. HP3 Focusing LED Inspection Light

A9 LED Penlight vs. HP3 Focusing LED Inspection LightFor mechanics, home inspectors, firefighters and police, a professional use LED flashlight is part of the everyday work uniform. Firefighters use LED lights to see their way through burning buildings. Police officers use LED flashlights during roadside inspections and arrests. And mechanics and inspectors use LED lights to peer far into the crevices and crannies of engine blocks and crawl spaces.

Today we’re focusing on two LED flashlights that were designed for professional use: the A9 LED penlight, a favorite among inspectors as it is slim enough to tuck into a shirt pocket, and the HP3 Focusing LED Inspection Light, popular among mechanics as its beam may be focused into a high-power spotlight beam with a surrounding halo of usable light. To help you choose between these two similar LED lights, we’ve compared some of their major characteristics in the handy table below.

A9 LED Penlight

HP3 Focusing LED Inspection Light

Light Output 35 lumens 80 lumens
Run Time 11 hours, 30 minutes 2 hours
Batteries 3 AAA batteries (included) 2 AAA batteries (included)
Length 7.03 inches 5.9 inches
Diameter Head: .47 inches; body: .365 inches. .56 inches
Casing Material Stainless steel Lightweight aluminum
Beam Distance 85 feet 341 feet
Pocket Clip Yes; rubberized stainless steel clip is removable; when in use, clip stays firmly in place for easy carrying. Yes; no-slip pocket clip included.
Unbreakable LED Yes Yes
Focusing Optic System No; Max Beam Optic™ system provides one light setting: the perfect white inspection beam. Yes; Pure Beam™ Focusing Optic System shifts from floodlight to spotlight via twisting focusing bezel.
Backed by Coast’s Lifetime Guarantee Yes; guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. Yes; guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.
Rubberized O-ring for water resistance Yes Yes


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