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We don’t mean to brag or anything, but when it comes to talking about LED flashlights online, this isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve been blogging about LED flashlights, knives, and LED headlamps since early 2008. With 90 pages of Coast blogs to choose from, many of our readers may be unacquainted with the most useful posts in our blogging library. Today we’re highlighting the most popular, most shared posts in our blog, according to our website’s analytical data.

Coast’s Top 4 Blogs About LED Flashlights

1. ANSI FL1 Flashlight Standards Explained

This is one of the most practical blogs we’ve ever written, judging from the number of other websites—32!—that have linked to it. We posted this blog in December of 2010 to elucidate the industry performance standard for LED flashlights. If you’re wondering what the run time, peak beam intensity, impact resistance and other ANSI FL1 LED Flashlight standards mean, this is the right post to read.

2. What Makes a Good LED Flashlight

This was the first Coast infographic, posted back in July of 2012. Twelve different websites have linked to this blog, probably because he infographic offers lots of useful information on flashlight beams, focusing options, the importance of optics systems, and more. This is an LED flashlight infographic created by flashlight nerds for the LED-curious.

3. LED Lights vs. Induction Lighting

In the past year alone, this 2011 post has had over 5,400 page views. It contains detailed scientific information about how incandescent, LED, fluorescent, and induction lights work. This kind of information remains topical and interesting to COAST Readers—perhaps you’d like to understand how these different lighting technologies work as well?

4. LED Flashlight Battery Options

If you care about LED flashlight performance, this blog is for you. It discusses the various battery options for LED flashlights, from alkaline to rechargeable to lithium. Posted in October 2011, this blog has had more than 1,000 page views in the past year. We incorporated the information in this blog in the COAST eBook.

By reviewing these four popular Coast blogs, you can get a great basic education on how LED flashlights work, why they’re much more efficient than the average incandescent bulb, and how you can most effectively use your LED flashlights. And if you like what you see here, it’s a good idea to expand your flashlight geekitude even further and download the Coast eBook.


[ Photo by: Kr. B., on Flickr, via CC License ]

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