COAST Product Reviews: Gear Guide Calls c5899 ‘One Sweet Multi-Tool’

LED Pro Pocket Pliers Multi ToolThe multi-tool market today is filled with flimsy models boasting frivolous bells and whistles. With the c5899 LED Pro Pocket Pliers, we wanted to get back to the basics by producing a rugged, hefty tool that offers maximum utility without all that fluff.

If a recent Gear Guide review of this multi-tool is any indication, it sounds like we hit our target. This concise and well-written review does a great job highlighting the main features of the c5899, describing it as “one sweet multi-tool.” Here’s a breakdown of what makes this tool special:

Easy to handle. As the reviewer notes, we decided this multi-tool should defy the current trend of increasingly slimmed-down models. Weighing in at 9.5 ounces, with a stainless steel finish, spring-loaded jaw and spaced-out rubber grip, the c5899 multi-tool is easy to handle and use from any angle.

Tons of utility. In addition to more than a dozen different tools, the c5899 multi-tool also includes two LED flashlights – one in the rear and the other just behind the pliers – to shed instant task lighting on small projects. This makes it the perfect tool for handling emergencies around the house, where working in tight spaces may be required. And with so many different tools included, ranging from wire cutters to serrated blades, it’s ideal for fishing and other outdoor sports.

Durability. Like all of our products, this multi-tool was designed to withstand rugged outdoor and indoor use. Although ultra-light backpackers may raise their eyebrows at the c5899’s weight, this is one multi-tool that won’t leave you high and dry.

We strongly believe in our innovative multi-tool designs, and we love it when other people agree with us. We at COAST Products would like to thank Gear Guide for publishing such a favorable review of the c5899 LED Pro Pocket Pliers multi-tool!

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