ODFW Reduces Bag Limit at Thief Valley Reservoir

angler exchange blade fishing setOn May 1, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife implemented a liberalized trout bag limit for Thief Valley Reservoir. Well, they take it back.

The liberalized bag limit was put into place because wildlife officials expected low reservoir levels during the summer. Low water levels mean less room for trout to swim, and an overcrowded lake or reservoir can do serious damage to the trout’s ecosystem. Those reservoir level estimates came before the weeks and weeks of rain the Northwest experienced recently, so on June 11 the ODFW raised the bag limit back to the regular limit of five per day, with an 8-inch minimum length.

The lowered bag limit is actually good news for anglers. By protecting a good-sized percentage of the large trout population, the ODFW expects that large trout fishing will be excellent all the way through next spring.

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