Northwest Goose Hunting Opens Saturday

A high-quality skinning knife is a must-have for any goose hunter.

A high-quality skinning knife is a must-have for any goose hunter.

Good news for hunting enthusiasts! The Northwest Oregon Permit Zone will reopen the seasonal goose hunt this Saturday, and the birds are aplenty!

The Northwest Oregon Permit Zone is north of Eugene and west of I-5. This hunting zone differs from the rest of the state in that hunters are required to carry a special permit.

According to biologists at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the number of birds is up from last winter, with the first season harvests reaching an almost 25 percent increase. Out of the 16,000 eligible hunters in the state of Oregon, only 6,000 were issued hunting permits this and last year. The ODFW says that about 1,600 hunters check geese through check stations each season, so there will be plenty of birds to go around.

Here are some last minute pre-season tips:

Get a permit. Goose hunting requires a special document in addition to your regular hunting license. For more information, visit the ODFW’s goose permit page.

Get supplies. Invest in a high-quality hunting knife, a couple of bird decoys, and appropriate hunting attire. It doesn’t hurt to also have a powerful LED flashlight in case you’re out after dark.

Know when to go. There are very specific schedules geese hunters need to adhere to if you want to avoid a fine.

Learn how to dress. No, not yourself – the bird. Like turkey hunting, field dressing a goose is a good way of preserving the game while you’re still out hunting. Read How to Skin a Turkey for Thanksgiving for more information on field dressing.

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