New Article: Innovations in LED Lighting

Coast recently published a new article called¬†Innovations in LED Lighting. The article explores the recent popularity of the LED, briefly examining the technology’s historic roots and speculating where it may lead us in the future.

As I read through the article, I was struck by the extremely long incubation period for LEDs. The technology sat virtually disregarded for close to 50 years before it was given due attention. After that, it still took another 50 years to develop the technology to be used in the way we see it today, when LEDs practically exploded onto the scene not even ten years ago.

In addition to addressing where LEDs have come from, the author also does some speculation as to where LEDs might end up. I found this section especially interesting. For instance, he boldly suggested LEDs have the capability to replace the sun as we know it. Not literally, of course, but he thinks that LED technology can do for humans most everything the sun does for us practically right now, specifically by providing the healing properties that sunlight seems to possess.

To read “Innovations in LED Lighting” or to see more articles, visit the Coast News page. To read more about LED technology, see our LED News section.

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