Neck Tie Multi-Tool: A Crazy Idea We Can Get Behind

One of the benefits of carrying a multi-tool is that it’s easily portable; to that end, most multi-tools are designed to fit in a pocket or be carried on a keychain or tool belt. If that’s not convenient enough for you, one blogger has even proposed designing a multi-tool that’s worn around the neck.

The Crazy Idea Factory recently came up with the idea for a neck tie multi-tool, which gave us a good chuckle. After all, the author reasoned, a tie is essentially useless except for its formal purpose, so why not make it functional by incorporating a few handy tools? Need that bottle opened? Here, use my tie!

The person who wears this multi-functional garment will not only be prepared for just about any misfortune that could befall a cocktail party, but he is guaranteed to be the envy of every other man in attendance. Plus, for the guy who finds wearing a tie to be torturous, having a gadget to play with might help distract him from his constricted airway.

That stroke of brilliance made us start thinking about other commonly used items that might be more useful to us with multi-tools attached. Here’s our idea:

Cell Phone Case Multi-tool

We suppose you could argue that your cell phone case performs an important function by holding your phone. In our opinion, that’s not good enough! You can use your smart phone to look up instructions for fixing just about anything; wouldn’t it make sense if your cell phone case included a multi-tool that provided you with some basic tools to implement those instructions anytime, anywhere?

What kinds of useless but common items would you like to see improved with a multi-tool?

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One Response to “Neck Tie Multi-Tool: A Crazy Idea We Can Get Behind”

  1. Crazy Idea Kurtis says:

    Wow, way to feed off the Multi-Tool Tie Crazy Idea. I love the idea of a cell phone case multi-tool! With smart phones it could tie into an app that would automatically pop out the correct tool. The user could say “Go, go gadget corkscrew.” And a corkscrew would instantly pop out of the phone case.

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