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Multipurpose pocket tools, like those made by Coast or Swiss Army, have become, for many outdoorsmen, their essential piece of equipment for any outdoor adventure.  Campers, hunters, hikers and fishermen all find that having this multipurpose tool in with their gear gives them reassurance and confident that they can take care of a multitude of situations that may come their way.

The number one benefit of a multipurpose pocket knife is its versatility.  Not only can they assist with assembling a tent or shelter, it can also be helpful when it comes to opening cans in the camp kitchen, and removing splinters.  Some are also equipped with a small saw, suitable for sawing twigs and very small wooden objects, such as tent pegs.

Hunters can utilize the various blades that come as part of the knife. Not only are the blades good for skinning catches and cutting ropes for binding animals, these pocket tools are also designed with tools like screw drivers, that help hunters set up their stands.

Fishermen find that the scissors or finger nail clippers that typically come with a swiss army knife are useful for clipping fishing line and the pliers help get fish off the hook.

Ultimately, the true benefit is that all of these potentially helpful components come in one easy to carry and store pocket knife, reducing the amount of gear a hunter or fishermen needs to pack with them.  It is this versatility and easy-to-use construction that make them so popular with outdoorsmen.

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