4 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with a Multi-Tool

LED 140 LED Pocket Pliers

LED 140 LED Pocket Pliers

Did you know you can easily sharpen a pencil with a quality multi-tool filer? If you’ve never tried this, or one of the other less-common multi-tool uses below, then you’re not getting the most out of your multi-tool.

There are many different ways you can use multi-tools to do things you might not have thought of, including:

1. Personal grooming.

Got ragged or dirty fingernails? Whether you’re at home or on the trail, your multi-tool can take care of that. Most multi-tools come with tools that can be used to remove unwanted hairs (nose hairs, white hairs, etc.), clean and file nails, and dislodge that piece of lettuce stuck in your teeth. Just remember to clean your multi-tool if you are doing any of these activities in combination!

2. Disposing of dirty things.

Do you share a house with roommates who are less than wholesome when it comes to bathroom or kitchen hygiene? Finding yourself constantly moving or throwing away their personal “leftovers”? Old food, dirty clothes, Kleenex – ahem. When in such a situation, you can use the pliers on your multi-tool to pickup and dispose of those nasty items without soiling your hands.

3. Opening beverages.

Stuck in the woods without a bottle opener? No problem. You can easily open bottled beer and other beverages with your multi-tool, even if it doesn’t have a bottle opener function. All you need is solid pressure under the side of the cap and a strong upward/popping motion.

4. Picking a lock.

Ever have a door lock jam on you or lock from the inside by accident? Before you think about calling a locksmith, try busting out one of your multi-tools. Most deluxe tools come with enough gadgets to pick the average door lock. Of course, you will need to know some lock-picking basics, so do some research online. Never get locked out of your apartment again!

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