Join the Coast Northwest Multi-tool Movement

A recent campaign was launched in Oregon to make residents more aware of the state’s amazing and unique natural habitats. Dubbed the “natural spaces” movement, the campaign seeks to encourage people to spend more time outdoors, utilizing, enjoying and preserving Oregon’s natural spaces.

In support of this movement, we’d like to propose a similar campaign: the Coast Northwest Multi-tool Movement, an effort to get multi-tools in the hands of every outdoorsman and outdoorswoman in the Pacific Northwest. Following are a few reasons why this initiative would prove valuable to most outdoor adventurers:

Camping. Setting up camp for the first time can be a daunting task for beginners, especially those who do not have the right tools for the task. There are many situations in which having multi-tools available will make your camp setup much more resourceful and efficient, from pitching a tent to measuring tarp to cutting twine. Consider a 10-function multi-tool to cover all of your camping needs.

Hunting. An experienced hunter will generally come prepared with a multi-tool or two. When you don’t want to carry a heavy pack full of tools, some of which you may not need, multi-tools can make it much easier to pack light. You might find a folding knife multi-tool useful for cutting or light skinning, allowing you to preserve your heavy-duty hunting knives for more rugged tasks.

Fishing. Fishers have always benefited from including a multi-tool in the tackle box. A variety of tools come in handy for untangling fishing lure or rigging and putting together or repairing a fishing pole. A fishing multi-tool can help save space in the tackle box.

Rock climbing. Carrying a multi-tool in your boot strap or rock climbing belt is practically necessary. You never know when you might need to quickly grab a tool to cut or loosen your harness. You may also need basic tools for repairing your equipment or setting up camp at the summit. Consider a tactical use multi-tool for your more rugged rock climbing adventures.

Safety. Finally, multi-tools come in handy for safety reasons. If you become lost out in the wilderness, a multi-tool can help you can mark your location, build a shelter or fire, hunt or forage for food and even apply first aid to a wound. And if you encounter any wild critters, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to have a multi-tool handy for defending yourself.

It’s simple, really. This small device is well worth its weight considering the net utility value gained. Multi-tools – don’t leave home without one!

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