The C5899 LED Pro Pocket Pliers: Your Labor Day Multi-Tool

Labor Day WeekendAh, Labor Day – that end-of-summer holiday that we so love to fill with fun outdoor activities such as camping, hunting and barbecuing. This summer, make your Labor Day as easy and carefree as summer itself; carry the C5899 LED Pro Pocket Pliers multi-tool in your pocket or tool belt.

Skeptical that a multi-tool could have such a huge impact on the success of your Labor Day activities? Well, this isn’t just any multi-tool. It’s the only multi-tool selected for a 2012 Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award. The Popular Mechanics editors chose just 16 tools for this honor, from the thousands of products featured at the 2012 National Hardware Show.

Below, we explain why the C5899 is perfect for all your favorite Labor Day festivities.

Labor Day Activities that are Better with the C5899 Multi-Tool

Hunting. You’ll be thrilled that you brought the C5899 multi-tool with you into the backcountry. With its rubber grip handle, this tool is easy to use even if your hands are wet. And its serrated knife isn’t just for show; its edge will tear through the toughest bone and sinew.

Camping. The C5899 is great for camping first aid. For instance, you might use the precise pliers for picking out splinters. You’ll appreciate how easy it is to use this multi-tool with one hand, since the C5899 has a spring-action handle. The serrated knife is also great for campsite duties such as cutting or preparing campfire kindling.

Home repair. If you’re the kind of hero who spends Labor Day at home checking off a few items on the “honey-do” list, the C5899 will make your home repair tasks easier. It has two LEDs – one pointing toward the pliers’ tips and another on the blade – to deliver light exactly where you need it when you’re working in dark spaces such as under the sink, in the basement or crawl space or under the hood of your car.

Barbecuing and other social events. We suggest keeping this multi-tool on you throughout the day of your party. First, we’re betting you’ll find plenty of small things to fix with the screwdriver attachments when running around preparing the party location. And the bottle opener will make it easier to keep the beverages flowing!



[ Photo by: LisaW123, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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