10 Places to Tuck a Multi-Tool

Glove CompartmentA classic accessory for outdoor enthusiasts, do-it-yourselfers and the perpetually prepared, a multi-tool is one of the most versatile and portable tools in existence. Multi-tools come equipped with a variety of essential gadgets that can help you MacGyver your way out of (or into) just about any situation – from opening a bottle of your favorite beverage to giving yourself a manicure to sawing a small branch.

The best feature of a multi-tool, however, is that you can tuck one just about anywhere to ensure you’re prepared for whatever situation you may encounter. Here are ten examples of places you can stash your multi-tool:

1. Pocket

Some people carry pocket knives. But why carry a plain pocket knife when you can also carry a pair of pliers, small scissors, bottle opener, saw, screwdriver, wire cutter and flashlight at the same time? The multi-tool’s smaller size is perfect for a handyman or computer techie to carry around everywhere in the event of an unforeseen, need-to-fix-this-now emergency.

2. Purse

Perfect for girls on the go, multi-tools are great for cutting loose strings on clothes, opening packages (while sparing the manicure), removing the plastic packaging on new items, trimming hangnails, opening the front door with ease when the porch light is off, and performing quick fixes on everyday items. With a multi-tool, a girl can be prepared for anything.

3. Side Pouch of a Backpack

Put a multi-tool in one of the small outer pockets of a backpack when you go hiking, sightseeing, on a daytrip or whenever you do not have to go through airport security. Use the multi-tool to cut cords, remove splinters, take measurements, fix a broken zipper or repair your eyeglasses. Carrying a multi-tool eliminates the need to weigh down your backpack with individual items.

4. Craft Kit

Modern crafts require hardware. Many crafters carry an extra toolbox for all of the supplies required to complete a project, which can be inconvenient while traveling. When crafting on the go, consider packing a multi-tool. Multi-tools are great for beadwork, wire crafts, needlecrafts, crocheting or knitting, jewelry making and for attaching hardware to paper crafts.

5. Glove Compartment

While you should carry a small kit with full-sized tools in your trunk, multi-tools are handy when you need to make a quick fix in your car. A multi-tool can also help you in an emergency if you need to break a car window or cut off your seatbelt.

6. Under a Pillow

Some people live alone, and the folding knife that comes with most multi-tools can help provide an added sense of security to help you sleep better at night – or fix a nightstand. Alternatively, you can stuff a multi-tool into a stuffed animal if you are particularly paranoid.

7. Drawer

Place a multi-tool in one of your catchall drawers in your kitchen, office, shop or garage. Instead of lugging around a heavy toolbox when you need a common tool, go for the multi-tool in your drawer. Just remember to put it back.

8. Fishing Vest Pocket

Tie strong string through the loop of a multi-tool, attach it to one of the zippers on a multi-pocketed fishing vest and be ready for when you catch the big one. Multi-tools made specifically for anglers include can come with split-ring pliers, floating line cutters, fish scissors, forceps and a fish hook eye cleaner – everything but the reel. When purchasing a multi-tool for fishing, make sure you buy one made of rust-proof materials.

9. Tent Pocket

Campers can never have enough tools. Put a multi-tool in the pocket of a tent so it is handy when you need to cut rope or a line, whittle sticks for marshmallow or hot dog roasting, remove a splinter and clean or dress a wound.

10. Under the Car Seat

In an emergency, it may be difficult to access the glove box if you are the driver. Therefore, tucking a multi-tool under your car seat may provide a good backup. Instead of letting your multi-tool slide around under your seat, place it in a small pouch that sticks to your seat with Velcro.

The versatility and compact size of a multi-tool make it an essential item from which anyone can benefit. Where do you keep yours?

[ Photo by: King Chung Huang, on Flickr, via CC License ]

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