Multi-Purpose Backpacking Gear

“Multi-purpose backpacking gear is just what the word implies: gear that can be used for more than one thing,” opens V. Wayne Hughes in his recent article on multi-purpose camping gear. His premise is that some camping and hiking gear can be used in ways they were not intended to function. He makes the initial point that a backpacker is often willing to carry a slightly heavier item if it is multi-functional. He uses the pocket knife or multi-tool as an example.

Here’s what you can expect to learn from Hughes:

  • why ponchos are more efficient than rain suits.
  • what he has to say about trek poles, and what you’ll be able to eliminate from your pack.
  • his velcro catch-phrase.
  • the (other) practical uses for bear canisters.
  • inflatable pillows, water bladders with hoses, and headlamps also have multiple uses.

He concludes encouraging adventurers to “use some imagination to figure out other multiple-use backpacking gear.” He claims there are many more uses for other gear he hasn’t mentioned and suggests not to limit yourself just to functional use but discover fun alternative uses for your backpacking gear.

[Pictured: Coast Micro Multi-Tool]

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